About Us

The Chedworth RC Flying Club has been flying model aircraft from the disused Chedworth Airfield for over 40 years. We have exclusive use of a short length of tarmac runway on what is now private land.

We attract radio-control model enthusiasts from a wide area who enjoy the excellent flying offered by our site. For safety and environmental reasons, we have strict no-fly zones, and only radio-controlled model aircraft are allowed. Because we have no access to grassed areas or fields, all aircraft and pilots must be capable of landing on the tarmac runway.

Gas turbine powered models can be flown but the short runway and obstructions make it unsuitable for the larger jet models.

Chedworth RC Flying Club is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA). All club members must also be members of the BMFA, and in order to fly models unsupervised, they must hold a BMFA ‘A’ Certificate or equivalent.

We welcome new members, so if you are interested in joining our club, please contact the Club Treasurer via the Contact Us page.

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